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Wine Gift Baskets to the Rescue

By Marilyn Franklin

Wine gift baskets can be the silver bullet in your gift giving arsenal.  If you are like most people you have struggled with a person or two on your gift giving list.  I may not like to admit it but it happens to me too.  Lately the popularity of gift baskets, in particular wine gift baskets have aided many of the stumped gift givers in our ranks.

Besides the under-aged on your list or those that you know don't drink alcoholic beverages wine gift baskets are great.  Many more people are becoming wine drinkers and have shifted from other drinks like beer.  Even some men that did not consider it macho enough are exploring everything about wine.

The perfect wine gift basket is the combination of the right wines with the right items chosen to complement the wines.  Here are some examples of what can be included in a wine gift basket:

  • cheeses
  • nuts
  • breads
  • candies
  • meats
  • desserts

I'm sure I've missed something.  These foods can be artfully placed with the wine to make very appealing wine gift baskets.

If your gift is for a wine enthusiast be sure to find out what their favorite vintage is and select from wine gift baskets that include those wines.  Don't be afraid to research your options.  You can go beyond the norm and choose a sparkling wine accompanied by a specific dessert from a certain part of the world.

Food gifts are not the only great complements to include in wine gift baskets.  Wine accessories are another great addition.  Here is a list of some accessories you can either include with the food or as their own wine themed basket:

  • wine glasses
  • wine bottle openers
  • wine stem charms
  • wine bottle stoppers
  • wine saver containers

Whether you make them yourself or buy them wine gift baskets prices can vary.  It depends on the quality of the wine and whether it is of a good vintage.  It also depends on what you want to include inside the basket.  Some gourmet foods really go well with wine but are pretty expensive but it really depends on you and your budget.  Making a gift basket yourself would make the gift personal and that usually sends a message of thoughtfulness which sometimes is more valuable than the gift.

Wine gift baskets can be perfect gifts for so many occasions, from house warming parties to birthdays and the holidays.  They are a gift that can be enjoyed by all and leave you with a useful basket when the celebrating is done.

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