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Review of the IRobot IRoomba Red Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

IRobot Roomba Red

Price: $149.99

Product/Service Highlights:

This practical gift for mothers or fathers who are responsible for keeping the house clean will delight new users.  The Roomba is a circle shaped battery charged vacuum designed to clean all kinds of floors including thick carpets and hardfloors automatically. The surprisingly powerful Roomba also cleans the hard to reach areas like corners and the edges of walls.

Possible Disadvantages:

Many of the reviews on this product have noted one main negative and that is the product life.  As mentioned in the guarantee section the Roomba has a one year warranty.  Many of the reviewers have had their Roomba not last much further than their warranty period.  Until a better product comes around you need to decide whether your loved ones time is worth the price.  Assuming the product lasts 12 months $149.99/12 is $12.50 per month worth the savings in time and having a clean floor?

Guarantee Details:

1 Year Labor and Parts Warranty.  If repairs are needed the device would have to be sent or brought to a iRobot Corporation authorized service center for repair.

Value for money:

At a $149.99 this entry level vacuum from iRobot is a good buy and a practical gift.  If the gift receiver really likes it they can upgrade from this if they choose.

Where to buy:

We recommend buying it through Amazon since you can get it more quickly because of their in stock levels.

Order soon for delivery for Mother's Day!

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