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Greeting Cards : Complement the Perfect Gift

Greeting CardGreeting cards can sometimes be considered gifts unto themselves.  As a site dedicated to gifts it is more than appropriate to have a section dedicated to cards.  In this section of our site we will provide articles and tips on where to get the best cards.  Most people are used to the term greeting card as a blanket terms for all cards that are usually given with gifts but I was interested in knowing what the true definition was.  On Answers.com it states that  a greeting card is "A folded card bearing a message of greeting, congratulation, or other sentiment, usually sent or given on a special occasion or holiday."

When it comes to gift giving the card in many ways is as important or even more important than the gift itself.  As mentioned in the articles written in the gift section of this site., gifts should be thoughtful.  Cards can even be the most thoughtful part of your gift if you find the right one that expresses your feelings toward that person and occasion.

The origins of greeting cards can be traced back to the Chinese and even the Egyptians.  In those days a greeting card could be an expensive proposition in terms of time and maybe even money since they were handmade and even engraved.  As time progressed of course printing and automation advances bought the custom of giving cards to the masses.  Cards can be given on many occasions.  As congratulations the usual occasions are birthdays, weddings, graduations and for the arrival of a new baby.  Christmas cards are pretty popular as well since they usually provide at least an annual time where you can send a greeting to anyone and everyone that you feel is important in your life.  As a sentimental expression cards are usually given on occasions like anniversaries, funerals and Valentine's Day.  Holiday cards are usually the easiest to find since even the pharmacies update the card sections for the next upcoming holiday.

So is there a perfect way of choosing your greeting cards?

handmade greeting cardThe answer of course in no but the options out in the marketplace are quite numerous.  There are many greeting card companies and the major players like American Greeting and Hallmark go out of their way to come up with cards for every person on your list for occasions you may not have even thought of.  Cards can be funny, serious and even religious.  What is also great is that if you can't find the one that fit's what you want to say you can always get a blank one and write the greeting yourself.

The greeting cards you choose should complement your gift.  If it is a christmas gift get a christmas card, if it's a valentine's day present get a valentine's day card.  If the cards you find do not say everything you want to say don't be afraid to write it on the card yourself.  Heartfelt words are one of the key ingredients in giving the perfect cards.

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