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Gifts for Him that Show You Care

By Marilyn Franklin

Just because a woman loves to shop doesn't mean that she will always pick the right gifts for him. Gifts for men can sometimes be tricky because many times men have the tendency of buying everything they want before someone buys it for them. So what do you get the man that usually already has it all? The trick is to buy them things that they would never think of getting themselves.

Sometimes the right gifts for him are obvious and if you can afford them usually come in electronic form. I must confess I bought my husband a flat panel TV back on his fortieth birthday and I knew it was going to be a knock your socks off type of gift for him. If you don't have the money to plunk down for something as expensive as a big screen TV you can always look at his hobbies and his normal routine for clues.

Most guys love sports. They love to play them and more often than not they love to watch them more. If your husband, boyfriend, father or son follow a particular sport try getting them tickets to a game. If you live in a town like Boston tickets for the professional teams like the Red Sox and the Patriots are hard to come by but don't overlook the college level teams. My husband loves to go to college games and it will probably be much easier to get those. Sports gifts for him don't just have to include tickets they can include team hats and shirts and even books about the teams and the sports they like.

Golf is very popular and if your man is a golfer golfing accessories make great gifts for men. Whether it's a new golf bag or a gift card or certificate to a specific golf store it will be sure to make his day. There are even gift cards that can be used at golf resorts across the country if the man on your list is an avid golfer. These cards can be used to buy time at some of the best courses.

Electronic gift certificates are available in any amount starting at $20. Simply choose the amount, personalize it, and send it via email.

If that man in your life is into electronics the list for these gifts is endless.  For the frustrated movie makers and photographers you can get the latest digital cameras that usually now include a video recording function.  For the video game lover you can get the latest gaming platform offered by Sony(Playstation), Nintendo(Wii) or Microsoft(X-Box) or if they have those the latest game that has been released for the system.  Collectibles are also something to look at if that man in your life collects things.

Another area to look at for the man who seems to have it all is to look at their normal day to day routines and identify things that they use and need on a regular basis. Something as easy as restocking their favorite cologne or expanding their sock drawer would I'm sure be appreciated. Wine and liquor are also good gifts for him. A wine gift basket of their favorite wines or that expensive bottle of Whiskey that he likes will show him that you notice the small things.

The right gifts for him may change based on the occasion. For romantic times like anniversaries and weddings keepsake gifts are another good gift idea. For one of our anniversaries I bought engraved matching watches for both of us with the date of the anniversary. That was many years ago and he still loves to wear it. Engraved gifts are also good for clocks and pen stands that can be kept at the office.

Gift ideas for men, even those that seem to have it all are in the details of their lives. Look at his daily life, his hobbies and his passions and you will easily find gifts for him that will show him how much you care.

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