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Gifts for Her Aren't that Hard to Find

By Marilyn Franklin

The right gifts for her do not have to be that hard to find. Many men get a bad rap for being bad gift shoppers. The media paints them as thoughtless, absentminded and therefore inconsiderate. Is that you? The best ideas for getting the right gifts for her are usually right in front of you.

Many times it is easy to take a short cut by just following the crowd and what the media is telling you that special woman in your life wants but whether it's your wife, your girlfriend or your mom only you know whether that person will truly appreciate that present.

The key to getting the perfect gifts for her is to notice her all year round. Take note of the things that she likes and needs. Being observant when you are shopping and seeing what she notices or makes comments about. She may even be so helpful as to openly tell you she would love to get that necklace or that sweater. When you are watching TV or movies you might be able to get some clues by the comments she makes. Paying attention throughout the year will pay off with a long list of gift ideas for Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays or even for Valentine's Day when the right romantic gift will blow her away.

Other Questions for Generating Gift Ideas :

  • Does she like music? Would she like an ITunes gift card to expand her collection of tunes? Is there a band coming to town that she would like to go see?
  • Does she like plays? Would a night on the town for dinner and the theater make her day?
  • Does she like jewelry? What kind of jewelry? Gold, Silver, Necklaces and/or rings? Could you get her a "gifts for her" box set of jewelry with her birthstone that could include a bracelet, necklace and earrings?
  • What kind of perfume does she like? Does she need to restock her favorite brand? This is tricky because perfume is very personal, a woman that likes JLo Glow may not like Romance or vice-versa. Perfumes can be expensive and you don't want to buy one that will just sit on her vanity for decoration.
  • Another area that is overlooked and can be a slam dunk is watches. Watches can make great gifts for her. Again you need to try to identify her tastes. An easy one might be a sports watch if she works out or a casual watch she can use while running around with the kids.

Personalized Gifts for Her Can Really Set You Apart

Another idea is to create a personalized gift for her. Show her that you are paying attention to the small details by putting together a home made gift basket of her favorite bath products, her favorite wines, or even her favorite music and books. Add homemade coupons for things like massages, foot rubs and a night out with the girls.

Gift cards can also make good gifts for her but you have to be careful not to get them from a generic department store. That will send the wrong message. Personalize it by buying the gift card or gift certificate to a specialty shop that you know she likes or a restaurant that she has been dieing to try. Gift cards for a day of beauty at a hair salon or spa shows your appreciation for her.

So as you can see gifts for her can actually be found all around you, you just have to pay a little attention.

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