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This is where we keep a listing of the articles that we have written containing tips and information on:

 Need Gift Ideas?

  • What types of gifts are good for specific people
  • When is it a good time to shop and buy certain gifts
  • Where are the best places to find certain gifts
  • Where can you find particularly good deals
  • Homemade gift ideas
  • Tips for saving money on all kinds of gifts
  • Etc, Etc, Etc


  • Gift Baskets : The Possibilities are Endless
    If you have never been exposed to the power of gift baskets in your gift giving arsenal be prepared to be blown away. I was never really into gift baskets. My impression of the person giving me that present was that they had stopped off at the pharmacy on their way over and gotten the only thing they could find. In some cases that can be true but in a majority of cases that person has gone out of their way to find a gift basket that is well themed for something you need or really like.
  • Gifts for Her Aren't that Hard to Find
    The right gifts for her do not have to be that hard to find. Many men get a bad rap for being bad gift shoppers. The media paints them as thoughtless, absentminded and therefore inconsiderate. Is that you? The best ideas for getting the right gifts for her are usually right in front of you.
  • Gifts for Him That Show You Care
    Just because a woman loves to shop doesn't mean that she will always pick the right gifts for him. Gifts for men can sometimes be tricky because many times men have the tendency of buying everything they want before someone buys it for them. So what do you get the man that usually already has it all? The trick is to buy them things that they would never think of getting themselves.
  • Holiday Gifts : Early Shopping Strategies
    Giving the right holiday gifts takes planning. This article breaks down the steps needed to plan out your early shopping. Early shopping for holiday gifts is the key to saving money and being able to find the right gift for those on your list.
  • Wine Gift Baskets To The Rescue
    Wine gift baskets can be the silver bullet in your gift giving arsenal. If you are like most people you have struggled with a person or two on your gift giving list. Help is here for you!

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