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Gift Baskets :  The Possibilities are Endless

By Marilyn Franklin

If you have never been exposed to the power of gift baskets in your gift giving arsenal be prepared to be blown away. I was never really into gift baskets. My impression of the person giving me that present was that they had stopped off at the pharmacy on their way over and gotten the only thing they could find. In some cases that can be true but in a majority of cases that person has gone out of their way to find a gift basket that is well themed for something you need or really like.

Christmas and the holidays are the time most people think of gift giving on a big scale. They usually have to buy some sort of present for all of their loved ones (if they can afford it) and even have to consider buying presents for their boss and co-workers. If you are lucky you have one of those offices that have some sort of gift trading or swapping game where you only have to buy one gift but that gift has to be good. Surprisingly last year one of the favorite gifts that kept being traded was a gift basket. It was a very well put together wine gift basket that everyone wanted.

So what is a gift basket? A gift basket is just that, it's a basket that's usually wrapped or decorated, that contains various products, or gifts. For example, an Easter gift basket will probably contain lots of candy, plastic or real decorated eggs, and even a stuffed animal. A Christmas gift basket, on the other hand, might contain candy canes, and little gifts that would normally go in someone's Christmas stocking. Gift baskets can be themed for almost any occasion or person.

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Should you buy a gift basket or make one?

It all depends on the occasion and the amount of time and/or money you have. If you have a clear idea of what kind of gift basket you want buying online is usually the easiest so that you can check whether there are baskets that are already made for what you had in mind. If you find that you can't find it online or at the normal holiday gift shopping sections at department stores in the mall you will have to try putting it together yourself. Local pharmacies are great but if you have the time don't shy away from making your own because most probably will be better themed than what you can find there.

Gift baskets can be fun to make and you will save money if you make them yourself but there are also some great ones that can be bought that it would take you too long to buy all the pieces yourself. Another great thing about gift baskets is that once they are used they can be reused for other purposes. I have a bunch of baskets that I use for anything from storing and holding magazines to using them as picnic baskets in the summer.

Gift baskets are great as get well presents as well. They can be the most thoughtful gift you can give if you theme them according to what is most important to the person receiving them. Don't discount the power of a good gift basket, they can be used to brighten anyone's day.

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